2007 Drupal Summer of Code results

Earlier this week the 2007 Drupal Summer of Code results were announced on Drupal.org.

I just took a tour of some of the demo sites that feature the projects developed this year. All the projects prove to be exciting enhancements to the already great product that is Drupal. In this post I review some of my personal favourites from this years entries

Balazs Dianiska (snufkin)'s Drawing API

This module equips Drupal with a syntax similar to FAPI to create graphics, plots, charts etc and include an SVG toolkit to display these graphics.

See the Demo

With this module it will now be possible to programmatically generate SVG graphics in Drupal modules. Charts, graphs or other fun applications.

Gábor Hojtsy's Localization Server

Provides a community localization editor, which allows people from around the world to collaborate on translating projects to different languages, especially for Drupal.

This is exciting news for websites that make use of multiple language support for contributors and administrators. With collaborative editing of translations, one can only assume that the quality and completeness of translations will improve dramatically.

Andrew Morton's Metrics module and Project Usage module

The metrics.module computes a properties to determine numeric "quality" values for nodes so that projects can be rated. The project_usage.module tracks requests from the update_status.module (5.x) and update.module (6.x) to determine which projects and releases are being used.

This is wonderful news for people new to Drupal and to those of us that have been developing sites in Drupal for some time. Drupal's strengths as a development platform mean that a very large number of developers have contributed modules that add functionality to the Drupal CMS. However, there are times when functionality overlaps between modules and its difficult to decide which one to choose. (see my recent post on combating spam). Knowing which modules are most used and likely best supported by the community will be a very valuable tool for people having a hard time deciding what to install. For developers, it certainly helps to know that if you choose to contribute to a module by improving it that there is a likelihood that the work is not wasted because the module lacks users or fellow contributors.

Klaas Van Waesberghe's Deco Theme

A new theme for Drupal

Another wonderful thing about Drupal is the variety of 'theme's that are available for free. You don't always need to spend thousands of dollars to create a site that is visually pleasing. This new theme could be used right out of the box 'as is'. Or with slight modifications you could easily change the colour palate to suit your needs.


August 24th 2007 7PM
By: andre