Drupal Camp Toronto 2007 Review

drupal camp toronto 2007
It has already been a week since Drupal Camp Toronto 2007 and I'm still buzzing from it. Over 150 people came out to the two day event. The head count shattered last year's attendance record. Granted, there was more space at this year's event, and people had to be turned away last year. But, the numbers are still exciting because they demonstrate the incredible popularity of Drupal in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

I would like to personally thank all the organizers again. They did an amazing job. Securing a location, getting wireless access for participants, coordinating with the caterers, handling registration, setting up a reception, and getting snazzy t-shirts for everyone that came!

drupal camp 2007 t-shirts Speaking of the t-shirts - the folks over at Substance Communications did an amazing job coming up with a very cool Drupal Camp logo for the front of the shirts. Patricia and Crispin of Substance are looking into sharing the artwork with the Drupal community. I'm sure such a move would be a hit in Drupal land. They were kind enough to get me a small version of the art so I could add it to this post.

The Sessions

I personally tried to get out to as many sessions as possible. And if there weren't time conflicts I would have sat in on many more.

Web FM

In the very first slot, I co-presented WebFM with Rob Milne; WebFM being a hierarchical AJAX file manager for Drupal that I've worked with Rob to Develop. We covered what WebFM was and what issues we were trying to resolve by creating the module. I also had a chance to talk about some upcoming features I am developing for the module (e.g. Views support, a CCK field type, and image processing tools added to WebFM's file context menus).


I had a chance to see two of Khalid Baheyaldin's (kbahey / 2bits) presentations. One was site tuning and optimization, and the other on user points systems.

Open ID

I finally got a chance to find more out about Open ID. James Walker (walkah / bryght) helped me get over my un-easiness with single-login on-line authentication schemes. Open ID is open, decentralized and lightweight with no boogie man behind the scheme. It looks like the future in on-line identity management - and James is going to help make sure that Drupal 6.0 supports it. I can't wait.


I sat in on Julian Egelstaff's talk about his Formulize product and the challenges / ease of integrating with Drupal. Drupal can't do everything, but thankfully Drupal plays well with the products that do what it can't.


While I'm on the topic of Drupal integration, I'm sad to say I didn't get a chance to see Alan Dixon's talk on "CMS Ecumenism or 'How Drupal Plays Well With Others'". But, apparently, it was a very popular session with people sharing their challenges and solutions for integrating 3rd party software with Drupal.

Debugging Swap Meet

Dan Kurtz lead a fun session with everyone sharing their debugging techniques. I actually forgot to share my favorite de-bug statement:

 drupal_set_message(print_r($foo, true));

but there were many more great tips there.

Speed Geeks

The event wrapped up with rapid fire speed-geeking. Presenters had 5 minutes to talk passionately about something they were working on. And they were rewarded with Drupal Book (as supplied by apress).

Thanks again to everyone that made it out to the event. I can't wait till next year!

Other Links

DrupaCampToronto.org - The session listings are still there, many now updated with links to the presentations. The comments are also fun.
Lots of photos on Flickr of course

Here's the Be Circle gang (me - Andre, center & Danielle, right) along with our good friend Dennis Robinson. Photo Credit Phillip Smith

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