Be Circle's Mission Statement

Be Circle is well aware of the financial and human resources constraints that many organizations face. We are committed to educating potential clients about web technology and how it can help achieve their organization’s mandate so that, if and when they decide on a new web project, they are confident that the dollars they invest are spent in the right places.

We also believe in creating long lasting relationships with clients. We don’t feel we can do that by trying to sell clients features that they don’t need, or by making promises we know can't be delivered (that behaviour is too square for us). Instead, Be Circle hopes that by listening to our clients and delivering solutions that meet their immediate needs, clients will call on us again as those needs change.

While some technology companies have included “do no evil” as part of their mission mantra, Be Circle doesn’t feel that is enough. We go one step further and strive to do good.

Be Circle’s Mission is to:

  • be 100% accountable to our clients
  • adhere to strict ethical guidelines and code of conduct in all business practices
  • educate clients to help them make informed web technology purchasing decisions
  • work within the budgets of clients to deliver cost effective solutions
  • design and develop standards compliant websites that address accessibility and usability concerns
  • support our partners
  • do good
  • and of course, never be square. Be Circle instead.

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