All About Be Circle

Be Circle is a web technology consulting company that helps clients achieve their mandates on-line. Most importantly, we want to help make sure clients have web sites that are designed properly, efficiently, and have issues such as standards compliance, usability and accessibility addressed.

Besides showcasing the services offered by Be Circle, this web site was developed as a resource for individuals looking for ways to design new web strategies or improve the effectiveness of their existing web initiatives. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of online technology, or an old hat at web site development and design, our mission is to help educate you on web technology so you can make up-to-date, informed decisions when starting new web site projects.

Be Circle utilizes and supports Drupal, a constantly growing and evolving open source community that shares ideas and innovative modules for their versatile content management system. To learn more about Drupal, please visit our Discover Drupal section on this web site.