Our Services and Process

Be Circle can act as a full service provider to meet your organization's web development needs, from concept to creation.

Or if you feel you already have the perfect team in place for most of your project, but are missing an element of service to make it all happen, Be Circle can be called in as a specialist to target that specific aspect (we don't believe in all or nothing operations in business).

At Be Circle, we feel it's vital to offer only the services we specialize in. Period. We don't design business cards, or develop ad campaigns, or even make homemade wine. If you require a service we feel should be left to another professional, we'll tell you, and then help you find highly skilled people we trust to deliver quality work.


Every client and project is unique. We know this. That's why Be Circle offers three distinct types of services to its clients:

Logical, Creative and Technical.

Given the nature of web development projects, these three types of services are rarely mutually exclusive. Elements of each are often required to complete a project. To learn more, please see our descriptions of services either through the highlighted titles above or the menu items to the left.

The Process

In the world of web development, one size does not fit all.

Using the same cookie-cutter approach with every project - whether it be in creative design, web development or software development - simply doesn't work. There are too many variables to consider.

We realize each project is unique. What unifies all types of projects, despite their differences, is a need for a good plan. Some process must exist in order for projects to transform from a good idea into a great website. That is why Be Circle has developed a highly flexible model for working with clients to meet their specific needs.