Behind Every Great Project is an Even Greater Plan

Regardless of the service package tailored for a specific client, a basic process is always in place:

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

  • Project and Needs Assessment
  • Setting Expectations

Phase 2: Project Specification

  • Technical Specification
  • Design Specification
  • Deliverables and Timelines

Phase 3: Project Execution

  • Spiral Development Model

Phase 4: Project Completion

  • Project Delivery
  • Training and Documentation
  • Continued Support

How much or how little is done during any phase of a project depends entirely on the project itself. We encourage you to inquire about each part of our process so you can see for yourself if the way we do things is right for your organization. We are confident that our flexible approach can be made to accommodate virtually any project. Our years of experience tell us so.