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Three Scrolls and You're Out: Too Much Content on One Page

A common annoyance found on websites is a published article that goes on forever. I don't mean a rambling account of facts but rather a bottomless pit of content (useful or otherwise), gathered on a single page, seemingly without end.

Having to scroll 10 or 11 times down a page to sort through information does not seem to deter people who are involved in the field of web development. I think years of staring at endless streams of code makes them feel at home in these situations. The average audience, however, finds such an abundance of information - presented in a chunk on one screen - daunting. The reader, forced to scroll through paragraph after paragraph until it all blurs together, is no longer absorbing the information at all. They are hypnotically watching the text go by.

May 31st 2007 9PM
By: danielle

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