Be Circle Podcast 4: Drupal Alpha 2, Upgrading Drupal, DUGTO

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Be Circle Podcast 4: Drupal 7 Alpha 2, Upgrading Drupal, DUGTO (Drupal User's Group Toronto Ontario)

Today I follow up on some topics from Be Circle Podcast 3 and touch on the adoption of Drupal 6 and Drupal upgrade paths.

Note: I noticed that I tend to say 'we' a lot in my podcasts. I usually mean we as users or we as a community and don't want to infer that we (as in the royal we, as in Be Circle) are necessarily claiming ownership of happenings or code or anything for that matter. I'm going to try and be a bit more clear in the future.

February 22nd 2010 2AM
By: andre



'we' thing

You are right, I have noticed how often you use 'we' in your podcasts but it does not bother me anyway, I don't know with other people. By the way, I also plan to upgrade my system and will wait for your updates. Thanks a lot!

water ionizer

It would be of better use to

It would be of better use to make some modifications enabling the update of 6 to 7 possible. Plenty of users are certainly wanting to upgrade, but cannot because of some system settings that makes the operation impossible.

Views Didn't

Views didn't have an upgrade path from 5 to 6, but it was not included in core. To think that there will never be an upgrade path is insane. To think that it will be part of core is possibly equally insane. I found this podcast via a recommendation from my co-host @ultimike - we should have you on @drupaleasy soon if your schedule permits.