Be Circle Podcast 5: PayPal, Mobile Payments, Toronto Drupal Design Workshop, Accessibility

Audio Podcast: 

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Be Circle Podcast 5: Pay Pal, Mobile Payments, Community events, Accessibility, Artisteer and the weather in Toronto.

This week I talk about:

March 9th 2010 12PM
By: andre



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Andre, thank you for another

Andre, thank you for another worthy podcast. You had solicited ideas for future podcasts, and I wanted to suggest an area that seems to get little attention -- at least in the best of my knowledge -- within the Drupal community and in Drupal books: forms processing. It would be really instructive to explain how one would go about implementing the simplest of forms -- such as allowing the user to enter a string and a number, store them in the database, and then display those values on another page. Sounds easy, but I can't immediately see how to do that in Drupal. That's the kind of bread-and-butter functionality that site owners as developers to create all the time.