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Its that time again. Its that time when members of the Drupal community are franticly submitting and reviewing patches in a race to introduce great new functionality to Drupal before the Drupal 7 code freezecorrected link (coming September 1st 2009).

But, before new functionality can be introduced all that functionality needs to be documented. One can see an equally frenzied group of dedicated individuals helping document all of Drupal 7 before it ships.

If you're not a coder but want to get involved in the Drupal community in some way, getting involved with the documentation team may be your ticket to Drupal stardom. (Just ask add1sun how she became a Drupal superstar)

If that sounds good to you, perhaps the best place to start is by visiting There you will find everything you want to know about what's happening in Drupal documentation and how you can help.

August 15th 2009 4PM
By: andre

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