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Official Drupal Camp Logo?

Drupal Camp Toronto 2008 Logo

Is it official? Is this the new "official" Drupal Camp Logo. Well, no, nothing's official when it comes to druplicon, but it certainly seems to be catching on. Its now been spotted in Toronto, Montreal and L.A.

Of course it was in Toronto first and all thanks to the wonderful folks at Substance Communications who designed the logo and have been kind sponsors to Drupal Camp Toronto for two years running.

Back in 2007 I wrote:

Patricia and Crispin of Substance are looking into sharing the artwork with the Drupal community. I'm sure such a move would be a hit in Drupal land.

Looks like its become a hit. Let em know you love it.


October 8th 2008 2AM
By: andre
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Drupal Camp Toronto 2008

Its that time of year once again. Time for the Third Annual Toronto Drupal Camp.

The event will be held at the Bissell Building on the campus of the University of Toronto on May 23rd and May 24th 2008. (More information at http://2008.drupalcamptoronto.org)

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Toronto Drupal community is coming together for the most conference like un-conference of the season. We expect there to be 150 attendees for the event, with people coming from across Canada and near-by US states.

One of the highlights of this year's event is a talk by jQuery mastermind and javascript guru John Resig. Drupal Camp is being held just after the Mesh Conference being held in Toronto. John has been kind enough to stick around after the Mesh event (where he will also be speaking) to support the local Drupal community.

Be Circle is once again proud to sponsor this event. Officially, the event is presented by the Toronto Drupal Users Group with the support of the Drupal Association. However, this event is entirely organized by volunteers and Drupal enthusiasts from around the Greater Toronto Area.

May 7th 2008 10AM
By: andre
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