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drupalcon copenhagen
It has been entirely too long since I've posted anything on my blog. Blame the wonderful spring weather we've enjoyed in Toronto or the workload of late. However true those two things are, I shouldn't go this long without posting anything.

So, to ease myself into publishing again I bring you one of my twice yearly posts encouraging you to attend the next Drupalcon.

In case you haven't heard the next Drupalcon is August 23-27th 2010 in Copenhagen Denmark. Tickets are available NOW and only €249 until June 28th.

If you've never attended a Drupalcon you're missing out. If you've only attended a North American Drupalcon, I encourage you to go to Europe and enjoy an entirely different atmosphere. Either way this may be the Drupalcon to attend. The King of Denmark will be putting on one heck of a show and it may prove to be the most social Drupalcon ever (with technical and business aspects ever present).

Full disclosure: I won't be attending.

June 16th 2010 7PM
By: andre
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The Road to Drupalcon Runs Through Moab

The road to Drupalcon San Francisco runs through Moab Utah.

Last year I won a Nissan Cube and part of what I said I would do if I won was to decorate it and drive it to the next Drupalcon wherever it may be in North America. As it turned out, that "wherever" was San Francisco.

So yesterday I set out on the road with Danielle and we started making our way across the continent. But instead of sticking to our original driving plan which had us arrive in Colorado some time early tomorrow, we managed to make it all the way to Denver today. A little over 2,400Km in a little over 24 hours.

April 14th 2010 11PM
By: andre


Be Circle Podcast 3: Drupal 7 Alpha, Jquery 1.4, Drupalcon SF, Drupal User Groups

Audio Podcast: 

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Be Circle Podcast 3: Drupal 7 Alpha, Jquery 1.4, Drupalcon SF, Drupal User Groups

Today I talk about:

February 18th 2010 10AM
By: andre


Drupalcon closes down THREE bars - and the party hasn't even started

Before Drupalcon has even started Drupalers from all across the world have closed three bars in Szeged.

Those that arrived early in Szeged were invited to participate in pre-Drupalcon festivities by meeting up at the Grand Cafe in Szeged.

The result - the cafe ran out of beer. Yes, they literally drank all the beer in the kegs at the cafe.

Next stop - the cafe around the corner. "last call 11:00pm" - sorry Drupalers not done yet.

Next stop - the cafe/movie house next door... The party isn't over yet... but it is time for me to sleep.

A very fun start to the Drupalcon experience.


August 26th 2008 8PM
By: andre
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Be Circle Created Drupal? A nice thought... But No.

While searching through google images for other interesting projects people have done with Druplicon in anticipation of the Crafty Drupal BOF session at Drupalcon Szeged, I came across a post made about my Drupalicon Druplicon Munny Tutorial. In the post, the author accidentally attributes the creation of Drupal to Be Circle.


"Today's tutorial is brought to you by Be Circle, the company that created Drupal (a blogging software).
They did a tutorial showing how to turn a Munny (from Kid Robot) into a Drupalicon."

Well gosh... However much I'd like that to be true, it simply isn't the case. Be Circle is a huge cheerleader of Drupal. Be Circle certainly encourages anyone that will listen to adopt Drupal as their CMS platform. Be Circle tries to give back to the local Toronto Drupal Community (and in turn the community as a whole). But, Be Circle cannot take credit for "Creating" Drupal.

August 5th 2008 5AM
By: andre


Drupalcon Early Early Bird Registration

Andre Molnar on Drupalcon Szeged Site
I dropped by the Drupalcon site today to catch up on the latest and greatest news coming out of Hungary.

Today is June 30th and therefore the last day to get your 'early early bird' registration price of 80 Euros. After today the price goes up to 120 Euros. Don't hesitate register today!

The four conference tracks have also been announced "Drupal core, contributions and trends", "Showcases, user experience and design", "Code development", and "Growing Drupal". So if you want to know whats going on in the world of Drupal; are interested in making beautiful Drupal sites; want to improve your coding practices; or are interested in building your own Drupal business - there will be something for you. Also, don't forget that half the fun of Drupalcon is the 'un-conference' portion of the conference. Drop in on a "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) session and meet and share with people with similar interests - or huddle with some of your fellow coders and develop the 'next great thing'.

June 30th 2008 1AM
By: andre
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Drupalcon Szeged 2008 Registration Now Open

10 Weeks to Drupalcon Szeged - and registration is now open.

A while back I mentioned I was excited about going to my second Drupalcon of the year (Second and a half if you count Drupal Camp Toronto 2008). The time has finally come to get registering.

Registration for this event is a little bit different that Drupalcons in the past.
1) Registering early means getting a discount. The later you wait to register the more it will cost you. If you register before July, the event itself only costs 80 Euros.
2) During registration you can book your accommodations. Accommodations range in price from 36 Euros/night to about 150 Euros/night. But most fall between 70-90 +/-.

I just finished registering, and the event and accommodations together are less than what most major North American conference fees alone cost. No matter how you look at it, Drupalcon is an amazing value.


June 15th 2008 1AM
By: andre
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