Review: Front End Drupal

Cover of Front End DrupalI finally had a chance to fully review Front End Drupal by Emma Jane Hogbin and Konstantin Kafer after a long period of waiting. I say "long period" because I first heard details of the book last August at Drupalcon is Szeged when talking with Emma Jane at a Birds of a Feather session. More recently I had to finish work on a project and another book review delaying my review by another two weeks.

I built my first 'web page' about 15 years ago. Since then I graduated to building 'web sites' and then custom 'web applications'. Over that time I worked with several content management systems, a handful of web languages, and worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. I've worked at all levels of the web stack from graphic design to information architecture; from web server configuration to database administration; from HTML to server side scripting. In short I've worked on everything from the back end to the front end.

While Front End Drupal is obviously about working with the 'font end' Drupal, I was immediately impressed by the first chapter of the book which provide valuable tips for any web designer or web project manager or developer. It was apparent right from the start that this book was written by web development veterans since recommendations they give early on could only come from those that wear battle scars. As you progress through the book it is also clear the authors are intimately familiar with Drupal from both theoretical and practical standpoints.

Score based on my own arbitrary rating system:
For Drupal Novices: 4.5/ 5
For Experienced Drupal Administrators: 4.5 / 5

June 10th 2009 5AM
By: andre


Drupal Redesign is Much More than a Wordmark

Its been about 24 hours since Mark Boulton bravely posted some preliminary thoughts and sketches of a new Drupal wordmark. 60+ comments have been left on that post (and counting). Some of what has been said is useful to the discourse, others... perhaps not so much. I think the conversation can be boiled down to:

  • This is a work in progress
  • The initial concept is too 'Bauhausy' (i.e. people aren't crazy about the Bauhaus like word forms)
  • This will not be a design by committee process - the Designer will have the final word
  • Other options will be explored based on the feedback
  • Maybe it was too early to solicit feedback on the design

Luckily there is more to this redesign than just a wordmark

September 15th 2008 9PM
By: andre

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