Drupal json_server.module to get some love

A while back I was looking to get someone a bit more involved in services module development to take a look at a patch I'd made for the json_server module. (Provide support for binary/file field handling in case you're interested and want to comment)

In doing so I got in touch with dmitrig01 on IRC and after a bit of chatting he said he'd love someone on board actively maintaining the json_server module. While I insisted that I am the poster boy for worst module maintainer hall of fame he added me as maintainer anyway after I helped out with some documentation. http://drupal.org/node/239796

That was in September. So in worst module maintainer fashion, I am now finally getting around to cleaning out the issue queue.

So in the near future you can expect:

  1. Support for services that expect file uploads
  2. Support for GET requests
  3. 5.x 1.1 and 6.x 1.0 Beta Releases
October 29th 2008 12AM
By: andre
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