Drupal Redesign is Much More than a Wordmark

Its been about 24 hours since Mark Boulton bravely posted some preliminary thoughts and sketches of a new Drupal wordmark. 60+ comments have been left on that post (and counting). Some of what has been said is useful to the discourse, others... perhaps not so much. I think the conversation can be boiled down to:

  • This is a work in progress
  • The initial concept is too 'Bauhausy' (i.e. people aren't crazy about the Bauhaus like word forms)
  • This will not be a design by committee process - the Designer will have the final word
  • Other options will be explored based on the feedback
  • Maybe it was too early to solicit feedback on the design

Luckily there is more to this redesign than just a wordmark

September 15th 2008 9PM
By: andre


A new wordmark for Drupal

Just the other day I wrote about the rebranding of Drupal. In that post I had guessed that there is a good chance that Drupal would be getting a new 'logo'. It turns out it will be a new 'wordmark'.

early sketch of new drupal wordmark
Over at, Mark has posted some sketches and thoughts on the process he's taking to come up with the new wordmark.

The post has only been up for a few hours, but there are already over a dozen comments. Everyone is going to have an opinion about the design, but Mark points out that ultimately the wordmark will have to be viewed in the context of the overall redesign of Perhaps people should reserve judgment until the entire rebranding is complete.

Bah - but even I can't resist commenting. I can’t help but feeling the sketch looks “dated”. That’s simply my initial gut reaction to the digital sketch - and I’m not sure why my gut is telling me that... but that's the first word that came to my mind.

September 15th 2008 2AM
By: andre
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The Drupal Logo, Drupalicon and Brand - Drupal Swag

For me, one of the many memorable moments from Drupalcon Szeged was something that Mark Boulton said about what the Drupal community does with the Druplicon.

For those of you that don't know, Mark Boulton Design was chosen by the Drupal Association for the re-desing and re-branding of

During a session at the conference that introduced Mark Boulton Design to the Drupal community Mark talked about "Brand" being much more than just a logo. A Brand is about consistency. A Brand is a reflection of the attitude and ideals and the essence of a company / group / product. (I am paraphrasing).

September 10th 2008 2AM
By: andre

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