When to Roll Your Own Module (or not)

Today I added a tiny new feature to this website. Basically, I wanted a way to add a 'tweet this' link to posts of certain content types like blogs or maybe articles.

I did some searching and found that a module called 'tweet' exists. (Be Circle Rule 12 of Drupal states that if you have an idea for a module that module has already been written**). Tweet seemed to do everything I wanted, but on closer inspection I discovered it did a bit too much. The module does what it advertises, and appears to work, but it's just not for me.

What do you do in theses situations?

January 16th 2009 7PM
By: andre


Finally Time to Upgrade to Drupal 6

Go Drupal 6It's a week into the new year, and many of us are nearly finished breaking the last of our resolutions. However, there is one resolution you should not break if you're still running a Drupal 5 site. You've put it off long enough and it is finally time to upgrade to Drupal 6. If you're not convinced I'm going to tell you why you should.

First, a bit of background and a brief look to the future. It used to be that the world could expect a new Drupal release every 12 months or so. Drupal 5.0 was released about a year after Drupal 4.7. Drupal 6.0 was released February 13, 2008, 13 months after Drupal 5. And, you may have noticed that it is now January 2009 so you might expect that there is a Drupal 7 release on the horizon.

I wouldn't blame you for thinking this, but a funny thing happened on the way to a Drupal 7 release.

January 8th 2009 12AM
By: andre

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