Drupal core getting slower?

Khalid over at has been doing some benchmarking recently.

The results seem to indicate that Drupal core is getting slower.

You would think by the comments on the 2bits site that Khalid had committed heresy by reporting his results. But, before we shoot the messenger lets clear a few things up.

  1. The purpose of a benchmark is to provide a baseline for the purposes of comparison. A methodology is chosen/stated, tests are done and results are collected and reported. Regardless of what those conclusions are, the 'benchmark' still stands unless there is a flaw in the methodology or method of reporting. A benchmark is usually considered more valid if it is independently reproducible. People can either accept this benchmark as is or attempt to reproduce them to validate or disprove.
  2. Benchmarks are not universal. They only report what was tested.
  3. The reader is left to draw their own conclusions.
October 28th 2008 2AM
By: andre
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