Having Fun with Adobe Flex

Screen Cap of Flex.orgOver the last few weeks I've been focusing on some personal and professional development. Part of that has included finally take a serious look at Adobe Flex.

In a nutshell Flex is a framework for developing applications with actionscript that run in Flash Player or Air.

Adobe uses the buzzword "RIA" or Rich Internet Applications when describing the nature of the applications you build with Flex. I'm not crazy about buzzwords, but I appreciate where this one comes from. I've been developing web-based applications for nearly eight years (that's over and above the time spent tinkering with web pages since the dawn of the web). The only limitation of web-based applications has been building exceptional (extraordinary) user interfaces for those applications that are on par with the user experience of desktop applications. Don't get me wrong, its been getting much easier to build those interfaces because of the ubiquity of faster processors, broadband and amazing javascript frameworks like jQuery. But even so, there are times when you bump into some technical or practical limitation of XHTML and javascript.

January 28th 2009 2AM
By: andre
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When to Roll Your Own Module (or not)

Today I added a tiny new feature to this website. Basically, I wanted a way to add a 'tweet this' link to posts of certain content types like blogs or maybe articles.

I did some searching and found that a module called 'tweet' exists. (Be Circle Rule 12 of Drupal states that if you have an idea for a module that module has already been written**). Tweet seemed to do everything I wanted, but on closer inspection I discovered it did a bit too much. The module does what it advertises, and appears to work, but it's just not for me.

What do you do in theses situations?

January 16th 2009 7PM
By: andre

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