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Top 2 Things to Write About to Get Your Article Re-Tweeted

1. Write a Top X List

Totally write some article where you list the 'Top 10 evil design trends', or 'Top 6 ways to bathe your pet monkey', or 'Top 12 killer tools of the digital age'. It really doesn't matter what you write about as long as its the Top {some number greater than 1} {somethings}.
Magazines have know for years that readers love lists. And from the number of Top X lists I've seen retweeted, twitterers can't get enough of them either.

2. Write a Top X list

Really, there is only one Top thing to write about to 'Get Your Article Re-Tweeted': write a Top X List. But, if I am to believe what I've read (See #1), in order to do it right it must be in the format Top {number greater than 1} {somethings}.

June 1st 2009 3PM
By: andre
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My Druplicon Cube

Druplicon Cube

Nissan Canada is giving away 50 new cars to creative Canadians. I just so happen to be one of 500 people who are auditioning to win one of those 50 cars.

What does this have to do with Drupal? Well, basically, I've decided that if I win one of these cars, I'm going to turn it into a moving Drupal billboard. I am not always the most active of coders in the Drupal community, but whenever there is an opportunity for me to contribute in some other way I am more than happy to do it. Whether its a blog post, or answering questions or helping out in the local Toronto community I'm happy to do what I can to promote Drupal whenever possible. And what better way to promote Drupal than to drive around with a car decorated with Druplicons?

(If you think this is a neat Idea and want to help me win skip to the end of this post If your just interested in Social Media and Advertising Strategy you can just keep reading)

April 16th 2009 7AM
By: andre

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