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Review: Drupal 6 Social Networking

cover of Drupal 6 Social NetworkingI received my review copy of Michael Peacock's Drupal 6 Social Networking a couple of weeks ago and I've just had a chance to go through it and formulate some thoughts.

I was interested to see how Michael Peacock would approach the topic of social networking in the Drupal context. Having personally built a rather large Drupal powered social networking site in the past I was curious to read about the topic from someone else's perspective.

From the outset the book declares that it does not assume that the audience is familiar with Drupal. As a result the book plays a dual role of introducing the reader to Drupal and educating them on how to unlock the potential social interactivity that is possible with a Drupal powered website. The book does so by providing social interactivity use cases and possible solutions illustrated with step by step configuration instructions for Drupal core and selected contributed Drupal modules. However the book felt like it limited itself to simpler social interaction use cases and didn't dig deeply enough into their solutions (perhaps for fear of overwhelming the reader).

Score based on my own arbitrary rating system:
For Drupal Novices: 3.5 / 5
For Experienced Drupal Administrators: 2.5 / 5

June 3rd 2009 4PM
By: andre

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