Top 2 Things to Write About to Get Your Article Re-Tweeted

1. Write a Top X List

Totally write some article where you list the 'Top 10 evil design trends', or 'Top 6 ways to bathe your pet monkey', or 'Top 12 killer tools of the digital age'. It really doesn't matter what you write about as long as its the Top {some number greater than 1} {somethings}.
Magazines have know for years that readers love lists. And from the number of Top X lists I've seen retweeted, twitterers can't get enough of them either.

2. Write a Top X list

Really, there is only one Top thing to write about to 'Get Your Article Re-Tweeted': write a Top X List. But, if I am to believe what I've read (See #1), in order to do it right it must be in the format Top {number greater than 1} {somethings}.

June 1st 2009 3PM
By: andre
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I'm Sorry Twitter Universe

I just wanted to post publicly that I am very sorry for a node import that went very wrong.

drupal_execute is a wonderful thing. Its very powerful, and can be used to quickly populate a site with content. However, (as the saying goes) with great power comes great responsibility.

Early this morning, I was using drupal_execute to create about 370 nodes. But, in doing so I managed to spam the twitter universe about 150 times (until twitter cut me off). The problem was that I happened to have twitter module installed and enabled. Twitter module comes with a nice feature that allows you to notify twitter when you create content. This feature was defaulted to 'on' during this bulk import of content. The result was that I feel great shame. I am very embarrassed.

@BeCircle holy hell that's a lotta tweets

@BeCircle your rss to twitter thing is going beserk

Are just a couple of tweets I received when things were 'going beserk'.

I'm sorry to all my followers. I will be very careful to make sure my value arrays turn off twitter notification the next time I use drupal_execute.

Please don't hate me.

May 4th 2009 6AM
By: andre

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