Drupal Association Organization Member

Drupal Association Organization Member

Be Circle is a Organization Member of the Drupal Association. This should NOT be filed under 'tooting one's own horn'. This should be filed under 'bringing attention to the Drupal Association'.

The Drupal Association is the non-profit corporate manifestation of the Drupal community. The Association pays for hardware upgrades required by Drupal.org to run. They also provide financial and logistical support for Drupal conferences around the world. For complete details on what the Drupal Association is about see the site at http://assocation.drupal.org

update: Nearly the same time I was writing this up Earl Miles (merlinofchaos) was writing a detailed description of what the association is and what it isn't on his personal blog. You can read his post at http://angrydonuts.com

Be Circle has been a member of the Drupal Association since early November 2007 but I decided to write about it now because Roy Scholten has recently created some badges that members can display on their sites. (We happen to like the fact that they are circular in design). The purpose of these badges is clearly and effort to bring more attention to the Association, so we thought we would do our part and display one proudly.

So how can you get a swanky badge for your website? Its easy. You too can become a member of the Drupal Association. Check out http://association.drupal.org/node/147


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December 31st 2007 12PM
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