Drupal Specific Snippets in Komodo 4.3 Beta

I recently made the switch from Zend Studio to Komodo as my IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Now the reason for the switch wasn't because Active state, makers of Komodo, have a community site built on Drupal. But, it is nice to see that their developers and I have something in common.

While browsing the community site I stumbled upon a this forum thread discussing Drupal as the engine behind the community site. After I joined that conversation JeffG pointed out that Komodo 4.3 Beta actually has a couple of "snippets" in the default Komodo "toolbox" that are Drupal specific.

From the Komodo Help file:

Snippets are frequently used strings that can be quickly inserted into the current document. For example, repetitive sections of code or standard comments can be stored within a snippet. Snippets have advanced properties; they support the use of Tab Stops and Interpolation Shortcuts, can be assigned to Key Bindings, and allow for the specification of indentation context and cursor position.

There are only a handful of snippets provided and they aren't nearly full featured, but they are useful nonetheless.
There is a snippet to create a .info file and another to create a .install file.
There is another snippet to create a menu array item.
And finally there is a snippet to create skeleton code for a Drupal Module. The author chose to implement hook_perm, hook_menu, hook_form_alter, and hook_node_api as well provided the beginnings of an admin form function.
(the code is for Drupal 5)

With these snippets you can fire up Komodo and in 4 clicks have a good chunk of a module created.

The bonus is that these snippets are relatively easy to create. I am going to follow up with a quick 'how to' in my next post. Hopefully, there are a few more people interested in creating some more Drupal snippets and developing a more fully featured set of Drupal extensions for Komodo.


February 24th 2008 4AM
By: andre
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I suggest to try free PHP IDE

I suggest to try free PHP IDE - Codelobster PHP Edition with special Drupal plug-in.

I'm sure I've heard of

I'm sure I've heard of Komodo before, never used it though. At the moment, I'm loving Aptana as a Dreamweaver replacement, since I haven't upgraded Dreamweaver since MX2004. Aptana's free to use as well, and has various extensible modules, although the best bit about it is the ability to browse the FTP site and make quick edits to the live files.


I've given Aptana a shot a couple of times. And while it looks promising, it simply has too many bugs and personality quirks for me to use on a day to day basis.

Komodo isn't free. But, the @$300 price tag more than pays for itself in gained productivity. The truth is most commercial IDEs practically pay for themselves within a day or two.

With regard to site management from the IDE - Komodo has built in support of Source Code Control directly from the interface. So, if your working from CVS or SVN repos - you can manage your commits and updates without having to leave the IDE interface.


BTW - I have uploaded a quick video tutorial on how to create 'snippets' in Komodo.