Drupal wins yet another award

1,901,373 votes were cast in this year's Webware 100 Awards and a good number of those votes gave Drupal a spot among the winners. Drupal beat out over 4,900 nominees to win the award which recognizes the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications on the Web today.

Drupal is getting ever more press these days. This award announcement comes just days after Business week recognized Dries Buytaert (founder of the Drupal project) as one of the best young entrepreneurs of tech in 2008.

Not too long ago I provided six reasons for choosing Drupal. With yet another award under its belt, a seventh reason for choosing Drupal is recognition. Drupal is widely recognized by its community, its peers and the technology industry as one of the best platforms for developing rich web applications.

It may just be time to try Drupal.


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April 21st 2008 3PM
By: andre



I tried drupal on my nursing site because

I was looking for a cms bridge to vbulletin but it didn't work out. Good to see there is still some momentum behind drupal though....