Drupalcon Szeged 2008 Registration Now Open

10 Weeks to Drupalcon Szeged - and registration is now open.

A while back I mentioned I was excited about going to my second Drupalcon of the year (Second and a half if you count Drupal Camp Toronto 2008). The time has finally come to get registering.

Registration for this event is a little bit different that Drupalcons in the past.
1) Registering early means getting a discount. The later you wait to register the more it will cost you. If you register before July, the event itself only costs 80 Euros.
2) During registration you can book your accommodations. Accommodations range in price from 36 Euros/night to about 150 Euros/night. But most fall between 70-90 +/-.

I just finished registering, and the event and accommodations together are less than what most major North American conference fees alone cost. No matter how you look at it, Drupalcon is an amazing value.


June 15th 2008 1AM
By: andre
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