DrupalicomunnyI forgot that drupal planet picks up flickr images tagged with Drupal. So, as I write this, I know that the Drupal planet has already seen pictures of my fun little toy project. The Drupalicomunny (Drupal icon in Munny form).

The project represents two of my worlds colliding: Art Toys and Drupal

By day I hack Drupal for fun and profit. In my spare time I can sometimes be found browsing my local toy stores or online toy galleries.

The design is obviously the physical manifestation of Drupalicon - the beloved mascot and icon of the Drupal open source community. The icon is actually drop of water (Drupal is derived from the Dutch word "druppel", which means "drop" as in a water droplet.) But, I have always seen an alien invader in that icon... So, I decided to put him in a space suit and let him invade the physical world.

I have many more photos documenting the project. I will be posting them in a 'how to' so you can make a Drupalicomunny of your own.
[edit - The tutorial is now online see How to create a Drupal Icon Munny]
You can view additional stills of Drupalicomunny on flickr or in the tutorial.


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February 9th 2008 5AM
By: andre
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Great Drulicon and Tutorial!

Hey Andre,

It looks like it turned out great! The tutorial was a fantastic read, however my art skills and patience wont allow me to even attempt this!

Great job!

Darren Mak

Heho Marvelous!

I want to buy one. Immideatelly. This is marvelous.