Drupal on the Road: Druplicon Cube is Alive!

Druplicon Cube
As some people might know, earlier this year I was in a contest to win a Nissan Cube. While participating in that contest I had decided that if I were to win, I would decorate the car to help promote Drupal. In effect I would help turn my good fortune into a win for the Drupal community.

In June I found out that I was indeed a winner. Yes I won a brand new Nissan Cube. So what happened to making what I called the drupliconcube? A couple of minor things delayed wrapping the cube:
Druplicon Cube

  1. Wanted to make sure I got it in my hands and that there wasn't some last minute disqualification. There was none.
  2. Wanted to make sure that my car wasn't a lemon so I drove it through its "break-in" period before paying to have it decorated in case it had to be completely replaced. It wasn't.
  3. Wanted to do my homework on car wrapping. Could I do this myself? Turns out I could and I did.

So with all of that out of the way, I finally got the first part of the wrap done this past weekend. Last week, I got the artwork to the print shop and got back the perforated adhesive vinyl on Friday. Sunday I was lucky enough to have a warm sunny day to actually apply the wrap to the back window. I say lucky, because the adhesive vinyl works best above a certain temperature and we are fast running out of days this year that it could have been done (at least at my house where I don't have a heated garage).

The wrap on the window is easily identifiable to Drupal fans as the 'infinite' eyes of the Druplicon. While this is pretty cool (and as a friend and colleague said, "badass"), its only the start. It doesn't get me to the point where I am advertising Drupal. Right now I'm only helping promote Drupal to those that can recognize the Druplicon's eyes. I'm just preaching to the choir.

So over the winter I'm going to finalize the rest of the design and I am planning to have the completed design on the car in time to drive it down to Drupalcon San Francisco 2010.

I am open to design suggestions. If anyone has some please feel free to share them with me. I've toyed with several designs that include some of the fun variations of the Druplicon, but I don't have the vector art for a lot of them (e.g. Rain City's Darth, or Geek Royale's skull and cross bones) and haven't asked for them or asked if people would mind seeing them incorporated in this project. So if you're out there listening and have a Druplicon that might fit well into a cool design drop me a line.


p.s. If you're going to be in the Waterloo region for their monthly Drupal user's group meeting November 19th 7:00pm I'll be there giving a talk on upgrading your Drupal site and will have the car with me. Come down and see it in person.

Update p.p.s. I will also be at the Toronto Drupal user's group meeting today (Tuesday October 27th) and will drive down this once instead of taking transit. Come down, not for the cube, but for what should be a great meeting. Drupal accessibility and a preview of Drupal 7 which happens to include accessibility enhancements.

October 26th 2009 7PM
By: andre



That's so cool


just found that side via twitter. Very cool action :-)

See ya

heh, the druplicon looks like

heh, the druplicon looks like he's smirking as a cube. to bad the red 'mouth' wasn't the other way!


How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!

Welcome to the Drupal car club

And congratulations on winning the Cube! That is wonderful.

Congratulations! Drupal is


Drupal is on the road.