How to create a Komodo Drupal "snippet"

Last night I wrote about how Komodo 4.3 Beta Includes Drupal Specific Snippets.

Today I show you how you can create your own Snippets so that you can spend less time doing repetitive Drupal development tasks and more time writing the juicy parts of your modules.

In this video tutorial, I create a snippet for hook_link_alter.

The basics steps are:

  1. Open the Komodo Toolbox
  2. Add a new snippet from the Toolbox menu
  3. Populate the snippet with code or comments or both
  4. Implement a few snippet features (Tab Stops or Interpolation Shortcuts) to make your life even easier

Sadly, I am having audio input issues on my computer and couldn't record the audio. Do not adjust your sets. There is no sound. But, you can click the full screen button on the player to get a better look at what I'm doing.

[video: autostart=false : width=640 : height:480]

Once you have created a snippet, you can double click it at any time and instantly have a block of code pre-populated.

I've also included a link with the Komodo file so you can import this into your own toolbox.


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February 24th 2008 6PM
By: andre
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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your ideas.Ive learned a lot from it.Hope you can share more information to post.

Why not use ....

[[%b]] ... this will grab the name of the file up to the full stop.

Of course!

All this time.

Great Feature

Yeah, this is a great feature of Komodo that I've been wanting to explore more of, so thanks for the vid!

We just talked last night about the new Drupal specific snippets that come with the 4.3 Beta of Komodo on our new vid-cast, DrupaLMAO. We don't have this episode up yet, but it should be available in the next couple days. Check it:


Instead of doing all that you can also select the code in your editor and drag it into the right pane :)