How to create your own custom Drupalicon Munny

This is a tutorial for creating your very own Drupalicon Munny Toy.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps I took to create the toy pictured on the left. I will cover the entire process, from idea, to getting a Munny, to preparation and execution.

This was a really fun project for me bringing together three of my passions and hobbies: Drupal, Art Toys and art. Not only that, but the project incorporated many new mediums I hadn't dabbled with or combined mediums in ways I hadn't tried before.

Nearly half the fun of the project was actually photographing the process along the way. I'm not a photographer, but I borrowed Danielle's Canon Digital 40D SLR and had fun playing with the bells and whistles.

So lets get started.

February 9th 2008 5PM
By: andre
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I love this tutorial!!

OMG! I've been looking for the exact same thing!!


i need a small stencil that reads like a sign. I am doing a Dr Who Munny and i am trying to keep the lines clean and need help. The head will read Police (public Call) Box and on the back i want to put the white sign from the front door that starts out (police telephone free for use of public.....) it fitson the back of the munny so its not very big. Let me know if you know where i can learn or buy the stencil i would need. I thank you in advance. email me

wish I was that talented

thats a really cool looking toy, think you are onto something there


Nice work!
Is there any chance that i can buy two Drupliscot like the one above from you?

Greetings Morgan

Virtual or real?

This looks so great. At first i tought you raytraced the munny and i was already impressed.
After seeing the whole construction process. I'm even more impressed.

Great job.. Where can i send the check? :)

Create and Sell Just One?

Would you be willing to create another? Chpt. 3 works with drupal and would love this little guy!


Wow, that is really cool.. I'm not into models, or collector's toys, but man, that is awesome.

I found my way here after checking out your WebFM demo, very nice by the way.


Well Done André!

Now...let's take it from model to production. Anyone have a million dollars hanging around?


Nice. How big is this toy?

How big is this toy? (dimensions?)

It could be interesting to create (somehow) a druplicon balloon :-)

Height is 8 inches tall

This particular guy is 8 inches tall... or 9.5 including the peak of the droplet.

LOL! Nice work! I was pretty

LOL! Nice work! I was pretty stunned when I realized that we weren't going to make a digital image of the little dude, but actually a physical thing :P

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