My Druplicon Cube

Druplicon Cube

Nissan Canada is giving away 50 new cars to creative Canadians. I just so happen to be one of 500 people who are auditioning to win one of those 50 cars.

What does this have to do with Drupal? Well, basically, I've decided that if I win one of these cars, I'm going to turn it into a moving Drupal billboard. I am not always the most active of coders in the Drupal community, but whenever there is an opportunity for me to contribute in some other way I am more than happy to do it. Whether its a blog post, or answering questions or helping out in the local Toronto community I'm happy to do what I can to promote Drupal whenever possible. And what better way to promote Drupal than to drive around with a car decorated with Druplicons?

(If you think this is a neat Idea and want to help me win skip to the end of this post If your just interested in Social Media and Advertising Strategy you can just keep reading)

So to that end I've decided to become a shill for Nissan Canada and promote myself, the contest and the Nissan Cube. Now normally I'm not interested in contests, but what made this contest different is that it is part of a national campaign that is being run exclusively by 'word of mouth' and via social media. Now that should be interesting to a lot of people working with Drupal as many of you are also involved in web based social media strategy and promotion.

I first heard about the contest when '@thehypercube' followed me in early March. It was the first time a corporate twitter account caught my attention. I quickly found out that it was a product launch that had essentially started on twitter and was soon to spread to the usual online social spaces with the help of 'talented people like me'. Not only was I interested in maybe winning a car, but almost more importantly I was interested in following the campaign as it evolved. I wanted to watch it from the inside.

Ironically, by word of mouth I heard that the campaign was also talked about at this year's Mesh Conference. Capital C (the agency behind the campaign) participated in a panel that discussed WOM advertising. I wasn't able to attend, but I hear the talk should be posted to the MeshTV section of the conference site soon. I've also been hearing that the campaign is being closely watched by just about every agency in North America as companies are trying to work out how to best spend their advertising dollars and how they can really harness social media and word of mouth. It is all very interesting (at least to me).

Want to help me win?

If you are interested, you can check out my
profile/canvas on the site. There you can vote for me. You can also check out other creative types who are competing for the prize. But, none of them are going to deck their car out in Druplicons.

Update: *Note voting requires registration: Sadly no Open ID - I'm sorry about that, I don't make up the rules

You can also check out It is a site I set up in about an hour at the start of the contest in March to promote myself to get into the 500 competing for the car. (There is a novelty Drupal module I wrote available for download there.)

Wish me luck. And let me know if you think I'm crazy for wanting a Drupalmobile.

April 16th 2009 7AM
By: andre



Good Luck!

Please, please, please vote for this man so I can get rid of his hideous, dented, ancient, gas guzzling, stationary, forest green beast of a car that acts as a planter in the backyard.

He's never owned a new car, and I want my yard space back!

Do it for me. Do it for the children.