Official Drupal Camp Logo?

Drupal Camp Toronto 2008 Logo

Is it official? Is this the new "official" Drupal Camp Logo. Well, no, nothing's official when it comes to druplicon, but it certainly seems to be catching on. Its now been spotted in Toronto, Montreal and L.A.

Of course it was in Toronto first and all thanks to the wonderful folks at Substance Communications who designed the logo and have been kind sponsors to Drupal Camp Toronto for two years running.

Back in 2007 I wrote:

Patricia and Crispin of Substance are looking into sharing the artwork with the Drupal community. I'm sure such a move would be a hit in Drupal land.

Looks like its become a hit. Let em know you love it.

In this month's Wired Magazine I stumbled across something that for a second made me think that Drupal Camps are a threat to U.S. water supplies.

October 8th 2008 2AM
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Logo is really beautiful. But I am not sure about where it is real Drupal Camp log or not.
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Vector version?

Is there a vector version of the drupalcamp logo available somewhere? We'd like to make a variation for the upcoming Open Media Camp in Denver.

I rarely do not comment on

I rarely do not comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great article!!
Im learning alot about Drupal, (Newbie) :-)

I admit, I'm the one who

I admit, I'm the one who copied the Toronto logo for the Montreal Drupal Camp this year. It was the 2 days before the camp started, and we had half an hour to come up with a design for the T-Shirts :) Next time, we'll try and come up with something more original.

Only if you want to

I don't think there is a specific need for camps to come up with more original designs. I guess it all depends if groups want to or not.

I'm personally fond of the "toronto" design.

This post was in no way meant to point accusatory fingers at anyone.



Using the shapes from the original BarCamp logo rotated 90° would look better imho. The flames have nicer curves.
With the lugs it almost looks like a skull and bones :) As you said it's also a bit like a warning sign.


I really like the above mentioned Drupal Camp logo. Chicago is having a Drupal Camp around the time of Halloween. So a local Chicago drupaler volunteered some time to create a Halloween theme and logo for the camp. Check it out. All profits will be donated to the Drupal Association.