Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009 and Toronto Open Source Week

ontario linux fest 2009

On October 24th 2009 Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest comes to Toronto again, and registration ($40 advance) for the event is now open.

So how is this showing up on Drupal planet? Well, Richard Weait (Linux fest organizer) and Linux Fest have been generous sponsors of Drupalcamp Toronto for the past couple of years and I thought the Drupal community might like to support the Linux fest as well. Besides that, no fewer than 2 Drupal rockstars will be be presenting at Linux Fest:
Emma Jane Hogbin (Front End Drupal) will be speaking about Writing Effective Self-Help Guides for World Domination
Khalid Baheyeldin (Drupal performance expert and Drupal security guru team member) will present on Introducing the LAMP Stack
(Update: Khalid and I exchanged emails and he mentioned he didn't feel he was a security guru. I think being a security team member is pretty impressive and he may be a little modest. Still, I agreed to change the wording at his request.)
Organizer Richard Weait wrote:

I'm blown away by our speakers every year. They commit the time and
expense to join us and then they share their wealth of experience.
What a wonderful group! This year might be the best group yet. We're
going over the talks and rooms now and we'll try to arrange it so your
first and second favourites are not head to head. But I know that the
most-common feedback we'll hear will be "too many good talks; I
couldn't attend them all!"

For a full list of speakers see http://onlinux.ca/speakers So why not check it out. The event kicks off Toronto Open Source Week.

Speaking of Open Source Week a couple of other Toronto Drupal advocates (JMA consulting, Freeform Solutions, Techsoup Canada and Blackfly Solutions) will be presenting an Open Source Showcase for Non-Profits on Monday October 26th at the Center for Social Innovation. Worth checking out.


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