Be Circle Podcast 2: Drupal Podcasting, iTunes, RSS

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Be Circle Podcast 2: Drupal Podcasting, iTunes, RSS
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January 13th 2010 11AM
By: andre




I use audacity to do all my gardening podcasts. It is a great free program that I would recommend to anyone.

user who listen to the podcast

is there a way that i can find out which users listen to the podcast?

You might try the iTunes

You might try the iTunes module as an alternative to the FileField Podcast module. It also allows for iTunes-specific information within Content Types. The module can be found at

I will check it out

I didn't mention it in the podcast, but I had gone about all of this a slightly different way to begin with and was more or less building an RSS feed by hand. FFPC solved most of my problems, iTunes module sounds like it could solve all the rest.

I'll play around and see which I like better. (It looks like they can peacefully co-exist - so I'll a/b test it).