The Road to Drupalcon Runs Through Moab

The road to Drupalcon San Francisco runs through Moab Utah.

Last year I won a Nissan Cube and part of what I said I would do if I won was to decorate it and drive it to the next Drupalcon wherever it may be in North America. As it turned out, that "wherever" was San Francisco.

So yesterday I set out on the road with Danielle and we started making our way across the continent. But instead of sticking to our original driving plan which had us arrive in Colorado some time early tomorrow, we managed to make it all the way to Denver today. A little over 2,400Km in a little over 24 hours.

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The idea had always been to make the trip a 'working vacation'. But, by pushing so far this early we've bought ourselves a little extra time to explore this part of the States. We're already glad we did. Colorado is gorgeous.

But, there is no more time to smell the roses (or whatever that stuff is that covers the hills around here) because tomorrow we set out to Moab Utah.

When we are done there we will push on through the desert and arrive in California in time to visit with some friends before finally arriving in San Francisco just in time for the largest Drupalcon ever.

Needless to say this is already turning out to be the best Drupalcon of my career. And it's only going to get better. 4 days spent learning from and interacting with the best and brightest minds in the Drupal world is amazing on its own. The road trip is just icing on an already great cake.

I can't wait to see you all in San Francisco.


p.s. I don't think I'll be doing any off-roading in the Cube in Moab - no matter how fun that sort of thing looks.

April 14th 2010 11PM
By: andre



are you going to drupalcon

are you going to drupalcon next year?

My wife and I did this last year for DC DC.

We went the opposite direction. It was a blast! Hope you have the time of your life too. Moab is best city in Utah. If you are a carnivore check out 'Milt's' classic burger joint still there last year, 20 years since last visit and still great.

Stop for lunch in Palisade (Grand Junction)

Stop and see us for lunch in Palisade, just before Grand Junction. 848 Montclair Dr, Palisade. 970.462.7450.

-Randy Fay

Cool trip!

Cool trip! Somewhat jealous :-)

Moab area is great!

We're stopping in Moab after Drupalcon! It's really gorgeous, and very rugged country out there.

Here's a couple photos from a past visit: