Transparency - the Naked Truth

Not too long ago I read an interesting series of articles in Wired magazine about the 'Naked' corporation. (see: Wired 15.04).

The main theme in the stories is that it is in an organization's self interest to be open and transparent about what they do and how they do it. Secrets are passé. In the world were communications are instantaneous and on-line social networks can spring up overnight, any secrets you thought you had can very quickly escape and become the topic du jour. Sometimes its not even 'secrets' that escape, but rather the truth behind half disclosures. It is naive to think that by only telling part of the story that the full story wont get out.

Still, every day you hear stories about companies that did something naughty/dumb/silly and didn't tell anyone about it. These stories are twice as embarrassing for the company because not only do people judge the company for its blunder, but also judge the 'cover up'.

So why not be up front. What have you really got to lose by being honest? Why not make your transparency, your nakedness, your willingness to share your successes and admit mistakes be your competitive advantage? Why not use the internet to tell your story - rather than have the internet tell it for you?

Is this thinking really so radical? I don't think so. This is the type of thinking that "Being Circle" is all about.


June 2nd 2007 3AM
By: andre