Ulterior Motives

This post isn't technically a part of my Line by Line series of posts, but I thought I would share an ulterior motive for starting to write the posts.

At a practical level it is about re-familiarizing myself and other with all the things that go on during a typical page load in Drupal. A lot of things have changed in Drupal 7 so this is a worthwhile exercise.

But a lot of things haven't changed. Some really fundamental things.

Part of what I'm doing is shining a flashlight in some dark corners of code and thinking about how they could be better or different. Before I can think about actually changing things I need to fully grok why things are the way they are and make sure changes are worthwhile and not just changes for the sake of change.

I'm not sure what will become of all this, but its a personal pet project I've been thinking about for a while and I decided to start acting on it.

January 5th 2011 7AM
By: andre



Hey, nice work!

I actually did this a while back with Drupal5.

Line by line, and it did give me a better handle on what makes drupal tick. You are going the extra mile though and a big thumb-up to you!! I really enjoy following your posts just keep it up I feel this will illuminate many developpers that just use the WEB-UI without thinking the power stems from the back-end.

Keep it up my friend,

Stef, from Montreal.

Doesnt really matter what

Doesnt really matter what your motives are, this sort of analysis is so very valuable and as you havent finished it yet, it means it is more accessible as we, the viewer, can follow as you go rather than fast read (AKA skip) a 44 page doc. So, thanks!